Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dogs & Corn, but not Corndogs!

My first blog post after finally getting a browser that works with Blogger!

I created this blog to show my artwork while I work on a website, and to find other artists and friends. All art and opinions are my own, unless noted, so you don't have to like or agree with either. I welcome thoughtful & philosophical discussions on almost anything- but please leave hate and anger out of it.

I recently relocated from a nearby state, and right now things look almost the same up here. Hot, dry and crops everywhere. Corn to the left, corn to the right... sounds like Jimmy Buffett's song 'FINS'. In my last state it was mostly tobacco, which you can actually see over.

I chose the name of my blog for two reasons: I lean that direction politically, and I find myself
wanting to give driving directions by the phrase, "turn left/right at the cornfield." So what will I do in the winter?

The dogs in this photo all like me but chose to remain anonymous, due to the Canine Witness
Protection Program! The black labrador in the middle is mine and just had her 9th birthday. Old as dirt, but she's still feisty and I love that about her!

One last note- I'd like to say "Thank You" again to my family and friends who've helped me
through a major life change this year. You are the BEST!
Peace, Betsy