Thursday, October 21, 2010


I joined the FB ranks last weekend. Maybe I'm old, cranky or both, but I don't really get it!   I think I'm just not a techno-rat.  It seems like a bunch of confusion more than anything.  Can I be excused now to go climb a tree and sit with my favorite book? 

The aforementioned Crawfordsville show was really swell, and my work looked better than I could have thought, given the lighting was bright.  Here I be, with one of my favorites, "Animal House".
Thank you Barb!  

I dressed so classy for my own art exhibit: I AMAZE myself sometimes...I'm sure I'll make the cover of Vogue one of these days.

Now I am busy insulating the crawl space of my little abode.   Anyone looking for an exciting afternoon of claustrophobia, spiders and scratching?  It just can't get more fun!  I'll be wearing my black witch shoes and striped stockings so when the house falls on me, you'll know who to look for.