Sunday, July 20, 2008

Working Hard & Hardly Working

I'm all moved in to my new house, after a few weeks of cleaning, and moving little bits at a time. I had a huge storage space I cleaned out. (Yeah! no more rent to pay and no longer having to make frequent visits to see my stuff) I moved several times last year, and the life I used to think I would love- transient, REALLY got old fast! It's funny how you forget all the crud you think is so absolutely essential to living. When you are forced to live with less, it's easy! You find other things to take up your time, rather than dusting and re-organizing and looking for a place for some silly chatzki that you really do not need.

Of course now that I've got my chatzki's back...Ha!..eating my words now!
As I watched all my stuff come pouring back into my life I was remembering my 'salad days'! Well, I'm barely out of them, except for now I own a car and a house, but I still eat salads and bring my own lunch. Saving $$ is always in style, and healthier for you and your bank account. I still love to live lean and stay close to the Earth.

I miss walking miles to get around campus or tossing my dirty clothes in a huge backpack and hiking to the laundry mat. I survived, and was in better shape.
Plus it was a gas to walk around town with people staring at me like I was a nut!
If they only knew! I also used to back-comb my long hair up into a bouffant and run
around for a few days like that, so my art friend Garret could take pictures of me
for his 50's/60's photo-shoots. What a laugh it was to see people pointing like they
thought it was for real! That's the fun in life: being able to have a good time
without hurting anyone, and gently poking fun at yourself while doing so.
I miss those silly college days. At least I still have long hair!

Well coffee break is over so I'm off to unpack more.
"The dude(ess) abides!"