Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Days Getting Grayer

I'm still trying to climb out of the surreal black hole my family and I fell into a few weeks ago!

A piece of the puzzle has now been put into it's proper place, and we hope 'it' stays there for many years!!!!!!!! The havoc 'it' created will never be fully resolved, but at least we can go on with our lives. We had a day-before-Thanksgiving- 'miracle' last week, and we are all relieved.

Each day is one step closer to being in the light again.

We have so many wonderful people to be grateful to and thankful for and we are truely lucky! We celebrated Thanksgiving with some good friends, and I enjoyed a TOFURKY, while the carnivores ate their meat snacks!

I finally started working on art again- the last few weeks just were too crazy and messed up to even begin, so it was such a great feeling to be back in my new little studio playing with fabrics
and getting lost in colors and ideas! Ahhhh.........Art therapy at it's best! I hope to have a few
more days of meditative peace and quiet. With two dogs and two cats in the house, some days
are wacko, and fur is flying! It's been too long since I had time to THINK about my art, and
where I'd like to be with it in the next year. I hope to get back to projects I've stuffed away.
For me it's so easy to lose that magical thread that can keep an artist going, and hope alive.

As grandfather always said, "Keep going"

Peace- Betsy

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Plans

I'm down to 1.5 addresses now, soon to be just one. This year has been one of constant change, with my plans switching every 5 minutes! My intellectual side knows this is the way of life, and necessary for growth, but my emotional side still wants some familiarity and sameness. My favorite quote is by Santayana- "There is wisdom in turning as often as possible from the familiar to the unfamiliar: It fosters humor, kills prejudge, and keeps the mind nimble." I'm learning to repeat that to myself often. A few days ago someone in my family suffered a big loss in many ways, and the shockwaves have run far and wide, to include some of my plans. We are left to pick up the pieces and keep moving........At least we have the substantial love & support of family and friends. And new plans......

My art has gone into hiding for the last couple of weeks, but I have managed to get a little done, and will be taking some work up to Frankfort, Indiana, tomorrow, for a show that runs this weekend (Nov. 9,10,11).
The photo is of a bag/purse prototype that I recently finished, and want to make more of. Each one will be different, 'cause
I hate to make duplicates of my stuff!

Thought for the day- Embrace change or be miserable!
Peace, Betsy