Friday, October 24, 2008

Colder than a well-digger's 'Arse

This picture is my life right now! (it's not my photo, but it could certainly be me in my house, and was too hilarious to pass up)

Winter is here and my house is cold. Seeing as it's 100+ years old, any insulation that it once had has long since turned to dust. We are lucky if the house stays at 60, forget about 68! The propane bills are as much as my mortgage payments! Time for space heaters kids! Sometime soon we'll be blowing in insulation, and insulating the crawl space.

Our girl Sammy had to have two teeth extracted last week due to cracks. She is ten years old so stuff happens to doggies at that age. My bank account is still in shock from the vet bill. She got to zip up to Chicago the day before, so the thrill of the car ride had not yet worn off yet! I knew she was fine, post-surgery, when the vet said she was "talking" to them.

I'm actually working on ART again! Yes, I believe somewhere in the dregs of my past blogging I mentioned I was an artist. In the last year or so it's been hard to say that. Everything was in my head, but I wasn't making time to DO it. I feel like I lost touch with that part of me and I can't take it anymore!!!!! Ahh, I feel better...

So now I'm making one of my quilted bags for a friend who's paying me. I also have a couple of other quilts in the works too. One will require lots of game pieces, so I've been scouring antique stores for old poker chips, dice and other little dodads.

Hey, more news on the Big Lebowsky! I recently watched one of the only shows on the idiot box worth watching- Ace of Cakes (my favorite!!) Duff and the gang made a giant 'Severed Little Toe' cake for a Big Lebowsky convention in Louisville.
It was gruesomely cool! I want a job at that company: just pure silliness!

Keep your little toes safe this winter kids!


Friday, September 19, 2008


Hurricane Ike brought a bad storm to our area last weekend, and wrecked havic on much of the Indianapolis area. With it came incredible winds, and blowing rain on Sunday afternoon. I had just returned from my sister's house when she phoned to say a tree fell in a yard behind her house and knocked out the whole street's electric lines. Minutes later I heard a huge boom behind my house, my power went out, and I saw a huge branch from a maple tree had dropped and pulled the power lines down from my house. After the fire and police arrived and roped off the area, we waited until late in the night for the power to come back on. We were lucky- many people are still without power! My neighbor's car got hit with a branch and got a dent in the trunk. Not good: now he dislikes me even more than for the O'bama sticker on my car! He was not happy when he found out his auto policy would have to cover it and not my homeowner's. What a great start to my new life in this town! My neighbor asked what I was doing while I had no power. Uh...... STUFF! Like reading, cleaning, watching birds, walking the dog, scraping plaque off my teeth....breathing...

On a better note- due to being without internet, and cable TV for three days, my art studio is cleaned up and ready for art! You can actually have a life when you get off your duff and do something! Why waste time being a voyer into other peoples lives.

And speaking of being a couch 'tater, the 10th anniversary edition of the cult film THE BIG LEBOWSKY has just been released! So crude, but so right on target!

Now where is my White Russian....



Monday, September 1, 2008


This is one of Sammy's goals, not mine! Alas, her bowl-drinking days are pretty much over. She seems to have forgotten this filthy habit in her old age, thankfully. And before the animal-rights people give me their two-cents worth about not letting a pet drink from the toilet- first, I AM one of those animal-rights people, and I only use baking soda and vinegar to clean it so no nasty chemicals. (yes, I'm a tree-hugging, save the whales and environment gal.) I'll spare you a sermon today...lucky you.

My goals would be to get my darn studio in order to make some art again.
I got my gi-normous 10 1-2 ft table in it finally, with the help of three-and-a-half other humans. (another story). My first project on it was a tiny baby quilt that a friend needed to make for someone, and due to a broken wrist, could not accomplish without a little help. We made it in a day and it turned out great!

I'm organinzing all my fabrics now on my shelves- a feat that should not be accomplshed alone- lest one would get buried under a pile when it fell! My dear sister came over to help and we passed the time chatting and trying in vain to keep Panther the cat from getting to cozy in the piles! Didn't have much luck there! Somewhere I have photos of Panther- aka 'Owl'- when you see her you'll know why I've dubbed her that name! She resembles a great-horned-owl I think!

It's the last day of my three-day weekend and I'm savoring my precious free time! Who has time to eat when there is so much other good stuff to be doing?

Have a splendiferous week kiddies!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Working Hard & Hardly Working

I'm all moved in to my new house, after a few weeks of cleaning, and moving little bits at a time. I had a huge storage space I cleaned out. (Yeah! no more rent to pay and no longer having to make frequent visits to see my stuff) I moved several times last year, and the life I used to think I would love- transient, REALLY got old fast! It's funny how you forget all the crud you think is so absolutely essential to living. When you are forced to live with less, it's easy! You find other things to take up your time, rather than dusting and re-organizing and looking for a place for some silly chatzki that you really do not need.

Of course now that I've got my chatzki's back...Ha!..eating my words now!
As I watched all my stuff come pouring back into my life I was remembering my 'salad days'! Well, I'm barely out of them, except for now I own a car and a house, but I still eat salads and bring my own lunch. Saving $$ is always in style, and healthier for you and your bank account. I still love to live lean and stay close to the Earth.

I miss walking miles to get around campus or tossing my dirty clothes in a huge backpack and hiking to the laundry mat. I survived, and was in better shape.
Plus it was a gas to walk around town with people staring at me like I was a nut!
If they only knew! I also used to back-comb my long hair up into a bouffant and run
around for a few days like that, so my art friend Garret could take pictures of me
for his 50's/60's photo-shoots. What a laugh it was to see people pointing like they
thought it was for real! That's the fun in life: being able to have a good time
without hurting anyone, and gently poking fun at yourself while doing so.
I miss those silly college days. At least I still have long hair!

Well coffee break is over so I'm off to unpack more.
"The dude(ess) abides!"


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Home

I got my house! Closed on it at last Friday at the eleventh hour, after a long back and forth, inspections, repairs, estimates, a few more repairs waiting to get done.

The house is in good shape for being so old and has been restored pretty well.
I will enjoy learning about it's history if I can.

I spent the weekend checking out every corner & closet, cleaning, watching half the
yard fill up with rainwater from a clogged sewer drain somewhere near my house.
My crawl space filling up with water...not a good feeling the day after signing your
bank account away! But I have nothing to complain about compared to the people in
the Southern part of the state, most of whom have lost their house and stuff or had
massive flooding. Keep good thoughts for them as they pick up the mess and put lives back together. I am hoping for dry weather so I can get the grass cut and clean the
rest of the gutters out. There was a mini maple-tree farm growing up there.

I'll need to get my 10ft table soon and start setting up my new studio!
Can't wait- I even have great space for a design wall.

Today after a fierce morning storm I saw a beautiful rainbow.

Stay dry kiddies!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

A quiet day with friends and loved ones, and good eats. My sister made this fantastic colorful fruit pizza- had to get a photo before digging in to it. Corn and veggie burgers both on the grill, double chocolate brownies, chips and salsa, fresh veggies.

In addition to remembering special people in our lives, my sister and I each had something to celebrate, and we both have new chapters to begin and paths to explore!
New freedom for us both, in different ways, but equally important in their
own rights.

For me the dreaded negotiating has ended! The house is mine, pending the closing.
How I hate game playing, but I was stubborn and got a decent price for the house.
I am ready to get going and set up my studio!!!!! The huge table awaits.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Boy, Ozwald

Today our world is smaller, and much less happy! Our dear boy Ozzie had been fighting off an auto-immune disease for a few months and was not responding to the meds as well as we'd hoped he would. It came upon him suddenly a few weeks ago- he was in pain when he opened his mouth, didn't want to eat, yawn. The vet diagnosed it as Masticatory Myositis, after elimanating other things. Ozzie was such a trooper, one of his medicines made him have to urinate frequently. That resulted in him needing to wear a diaper when he was inside. Poor guy- he never lost his wonderful happy spirit, not matter how bad he felt! To know him was to love him. His feet were always sliding around the floor so I once knick-named him "Agador Sparticus" after Hank Azaria's character in The Birdcage.

The other med he was taking caused his immune system to weaken- he had a high fever, lost muscle, stopped eating again. The options were limited, and we knew he was in pain again and not enjoying life. It is the hardest decision in the world- to let a pet go, even when you know it's better for them. We humans are the weaker in that sense. Our emotions won't let go, we feel guilt, and are selfish because they bring us so much joy! But what is best for our faithful friends? They would probably ask to be let go, even knowing we will miss them so terribly. Ozzie had a great life when my sister rescued him and saved him from heartworm, but this was just his body turning against itself.

I'm so glad that at least we were with him and it was peaceful and quick. We will never forget his sweet spirit and how he brought such joy to our lives. He was a blessing during some dark days in the past, and helped ease our heartache immensely.
We loved our Ozzie! He's gone over the Rainbow Bridge now, send him some good thoughts!

Give your pets a hug, take them for a walk, and enjoy the time you have left with them!!

Here's a big "woof" to you my sweet boy Ozzie!
Love, your aunt Betsy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Yippee! One step closer to the house being a done-deal!

The seller & buyer have come to an agreement!! Now on to the minutiea that must be done- inspection, loan-getting,....etc, etc, etc. (yes, an old joke line from 'THE KING & I')

Pending all that stuff- the 'old gal' is MINE! If I knew how to do the HAPPY DANCE, I'd be doing it right now! I can't wait to sit and stare out the stained glass windows....

Miss Samantha will have many new floors to lay on and snooze. Her new friend Panther the cat will be joining her soon- lots of places for a kitty to explore and hide.
Cousin Ozwald will come over to visit frequently too, since he'll be just down the road now. That's Sammy in the left-hand photo above, Ozzie on the right.

Election Primary in Indiana today. I voted early a few weeks ago. There may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel soon I hope.
My friend Jane Burgess won the seat for the school board council in Zionsville!
Way to go Jane!!!!!!!! You will be great!

Visualize 'whirled-peas' kiddies


Sunday, May 4, 2008


My quest continues to find a house! I think I've found it. I put an offer down today- now starts the negotiation stuff. With some luck I'll be the proud owner of a 100 year old, updated, money pit! It's a beauty- stained glass windows, hardwood floors & gorgeous woodwork. Cross your fingers or toes, but not both!

It's not so much the house, as I need a place to store this GIANT antique table I bought last summer... 10' x 5', and it weighs 200 + lbs. I'd guess! An old dry-goods table- it will make a great studio addition. It's the kind of table that needs to stay on the ground floor, since no one should be stupid enough to try and move it UP! So I'm buying a house based on functionality for a table!
Ha! My logic sounds as stupid as the people who picked their president based on whether they could sit down & drink a beer with him. Wow! That's intelligent thinking!
I saw a great bumper-sticker recently-"Why is our children not learning?" (the Shrub's face was next to the sentence)
But I digress....

I finally got my copy of Joan Lintault's new book about her wonderful art quilts and her thought process of working. Joan was the professor who got me in to art quilts in graduate school. What a fantastic person and teacher she was/is. I am eternally grateful to her for sharing her knowledge, skills, and heart while I studied with her at SIU, in Carbondale,IL. I always think about her words of wisdom and support when I get down in the dumps about art, and the sad state of our world.
Her book- M. Joan Lintault, Connecting Quilts, Art, & Textiles. Buy it!

Well Peeps- that's the latest exciting edition to my most unexciting life!
Be kind to all your fellow creatures, and smile at your enemies. It drives them nuts!

Going out to sniff some flowers now.........

Monday, April 14, 2008

House hunting & Art

A long way back back from Artus-interuptus!

I sold some art a few days ago, and that combined with my tax refund, might enable me to buy
the most minuscule house around, but at least it would be MINE!
In my neighbor hood that's $100 per sq. inch!
Film at eleven.
Eat some carrot cake this week!

Peaceful thoughts

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Friends

Hey it's time for my once a month post again! Whoopeeee...I'm sure the two people who happen
to stumble on my blog now & then are thrilled.

In the past month I've had the pleasure of meeting some truely wonderful and loving people.
They have helped with so many parts of our life- moving us out of our home so it could be
renovated, boarding our pets, giving us a place to stay, donating time & materials for the renovation and now helping get our belongings back in again. As we have worked along with them, their kindness and love has helped lighten our spirits and hearts, and we will be forever grateful for all their help!

We are staying with a terrific couple- Shawn & Lisa, and I've had fun teaching Lisa how to make
a quilt. (for Shawn) We have had such a fun time with them, and they've made us feel so loved
and welcome in their beautiful home!

Not much time for art lately. Started a new job, and I've been studying for a test I need to take
to do the job! So much to learn in a very short time- the last time took a test more involved than
a driver's license, I was in graduate school! 1992....I miss those school days. I feel ancient now,
but life goes on, and brain cells can be re-trained so I'm giving it a try.

As I look at my posts, I see I REALLY know nothing about typing- i.e. my wacko sentence
widths. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know! Is this a blog thing, or just me?

I'm off to teach more quilting- which I'm much better at than typing!

Peace, Betsy