Friday, September 19, 2008


Hurricane Ike brought a bad storm to our area last weekend, and wrecked havic on much of the Indianapolis area. With it came incredible winds, and blowing rain on Sunday afternoon. I had just returned from my sister's house when she phoned to say a tree fell in a yard behind her house and knocked out the whole street's electric lines. Minutes later I heard a huge boom behind my house, my power went out, and I saw a huge branch from a maple tree had dropped and pulled the power lines down from my house. After the fire and police arrived and roped off the area, we waited until late in the night for the power to come back on. We were lucky- many people are still without power! My neighbor's car got hit with a branch and got a dent in the trunk. Not good: now he dislikes me even more than for the O'bama sticker on my car! He was not happy when he found out his auto policy would have to cover it and not my homeowner's. What a great start to my new life in this town! My neighbor asked what I was doing while I had no power. Uh...... STUFF! Like reading, cleaning, watching birds, walking the dog, scraping plaque off my teeth....breathing...

On a better note- due to being without internet, and cable TV for three days, my art studio is cleaned up and ready for art! You can actually have a life when you get off your duff and do something! Why waste time being a voyer into other peoples lives.

And speaking of being a couch 'tater, the 10th anniversary edition of the cult film THE BIG LEBOWSKY has just been released! So crude, but so right on target!

Now where is my White Russian....



Monday, September 1, 2008


This is one of Sammy's goals, not mine! Alas, her bowl-drinking days are pretty much over. She seems to have forgotten this filthy habit in her old age, thankfully. And before the animal-rights people give me their two-cents worth about not letting a pet drink from the toilet- first, I AM one of those animal-rights people, and I only use baking soda and vinegar to clean it so no nasty chemicals. (yes, I'm a tree-hugging, save the whales and environment gal.) I'll spare you a sermon today...lucky you.

My goals would be to get my darn studio in order to make some art again.
I got my gi-normous 10 1-2 ft table in it finally, with the help of three-and-a-half other humans. (another story). My first project on it was a tiny baby quilt that a friend needed to make for someone, and due to a broken wrist, could not accomplish without a little help. We made it in a day and it turned out great!

I'm organinzing all my fabrics now on my shelves- a feat that should not be accomplshed alone- lest one would get buried under a pile when it fell! My dear sister came over to help and we passed the time chatting and trying in vain to keep Panther the cat from getting to cozy in the piles! Didn't have much luck there! Somewhere I have photos of Panther- aka 'Owl'- when you see her you'll know why I've dubbed her that name! She resembles a great-horned-owl I think!

It's the last day of my three-day weekend and I'm savoring my precious free time! Who has time to eat when there is so much other good stuff to be doing?

Have a splendiferous week kiddies!