Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

A quiet day with friends and loved ones, and good eats. My sister made this fantastic colorful fruit pizza- had to get a photo before digging in to it. Corn and veggie burgers both on the grill, double chocolate brownies, chips and salsa, fresh veggies.

In addition to remembering special people in our lives, my sister and I each had something to celebrate, and we both have new chapters to begin and paths to explore!
New freedom for us both, in different ways, but equally important in their
own rights.

For me the dreaded negotiating has ended! The house is mine, pending the closing.
How I hate game playing, but I was stubborn and got a decent price for the house.
I am ready to get going and set up my studio!!!!! The huge table awaits.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Boy, Ozwald

Today our world is smaller, and much less happy! Our dear boy Ozzie had been fighting off an auto-immune disease for a few months and was not responding to the meds as well as we'd hoped he would. It came upon him suddenly a few weeks ago- he was in pain when he opened his mouth, didn't want to eat, yawn. The vet diagnosed it as Masticatory Myositis, after elimanating other things. Ozzie was such a trooper, one of his medicines made him have to urinate frequently. That resulted in him needing to wear a diaper when he was inside. Poor guy- he never lost his wonderful happy spirit, not matter how bad he felt! To know him was to love him. His feet were always sliding around the floor so I once knick-named him "Agador Sparticus" after Hank Azaria's character in The Birdcage.

The other med he was taking caused his immune system to weaken- he had a high fever, lost muscle, stopped eating again. The options were limited, and we knew he was in pain again and not enjoying life. It is the hardest decision in the world- to let a pet go, even when you know it's better for them. We humans are the weaker in that sense. Our emotions won't let go, we feel guilt, and are selfish because they bring us so much joy! But what is best for our faithful friends? They would probably ask to be let go, even knowing we will miss them so terribly. Ozzie had a great life when my sister rescued him and saved him from heartworm, but this was just his body turning against itself.

I'm so glad that at least we were with him and it was peaceful and quick. We will never forget his sweet spirit and how he brought such joy to our lives. He was a blessing during some dark days in the past, and helped ease our heartache immensely.
We loved our Ozzie! He's gone over the Rainbow Bridge now, send him some good thoughts!

Give your pets a hug, take them for a walk, and enjoy the time you have left with them!!

Here's a big "woof" to you my sweet boy Ozzie!
Love, your aunt Betsy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Yippee! One step closer to the house being a done-deal!

The seller & buyer have come to an agreement!! Now on to the minutiea that must be done- inspection, loan-getting,....etc, etc, etc. (yes, an old joke line from 'THE KING & I')

Pending all that stuff- the 'old gal' is MINE! If I knew how to do the HAPPY DANCE, I'd be doing it right now! I can't wait to sit and stare out the stained glass windows....

Miss Samantha will have many new floors to lay on and snooze. Her new friend Panther the cat will be joining her soon- lots of places for a kitty to explore and hide.
Cousin Ozwald will come over to visit frequently too, since he'll be just down the road now. That's Sammy in the left-hand photo above, Ozzie on the right.

Election Primary in Indiana today. I voted early a few weeks ago. There may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel soon I hope.
My friend Jane Burgess won the seat for the school board council in Zionsville!
Way to go Jane!!!!!!!! You will be great!

Visualize 'whirled-peas' kiddies


Sunday, May 4, 2008


My quest continues to find a house! I think I've found it. I put an offer down today- now starts the negotiation stuff. With some luck I'll be the proud owner of a 100 year old, updated, money pit! It's a beauty- stained glass windows, hardwood floors & gorgeous woodwork. Cross your fingers or toes, but not both!

It's not so much the house, as I need a place to store this GIANT antique table I bought last summer... 10' x 5', and it weighs 200 + lbs. I'd guess! An old dry-goods table- it will make a great studio addition. It's the kind of table that needs to stay on the ground floor, since no one should be stupid enough to try and move it UP! So I'm buying a house based on functionality for a table!
Ha! My logic sounds as stupid as the people who picked their president based on whether they could sit down & drink a beer with him. Wow! That's intelligent thinking!
I saw a great bumper-sticker recently-"Why is our children not learning?" (the Shrub's face was next to the sentence)
But I digress....

I finally got my copy of Joan Lintault's new book about her wonderful art quilts and her thought process of working. Joan was the professor who got me in to art quilts in graduate school. What a fantastic person and teacher she was/is. I am eternally grateful to her for sharing her knowledge, skills, and heart while I studied with her at SIU, in Carbondale,IL. I always think about her words of wisdom and support when I get down in the dumps about art, and the sad state of our world.
Her book- M. Joan Lintault, Connecting Quilts, Art, & Textiles. Buy it!

Well Peeps- that's the latest exciting edition to my most unexciting life!
Be kind to all your fellow creatures, and smile at your enemies. It drives them nuts!

Going out to sniff some flowers now.........