Friday, October 24, 2008

Colder than a well-digger's 'Arse

This picture is my life right now! (it's not my photo, but it could certainly be me in my house, and was too hilarious to pass up)

Winter is here and my house is cold. Seeing as it's 100+ years old, any insulation that it once had has long since turned to dust. We are lucky if the house stays at 60, forget about 68! The propane bills are as much as my mortgage payments! Time for space heaters kids! Sometime soon we'll be blowing in insulation, and insulating the crawl space.

Our girl Sammy had to have two teeth extracted last week due to cracks. She is ten years old so stuff happens to doggies at that age. My bank account is still in shock from the vet bill. She got to zip up to Chicago the day before, so the thrill of the car ride had not yet worn off yet! I knew she was fine, post-surgery, when the vet said she was "talking" to them.

I'm actually working on ART again! Yes, I believe somewhere in the dregs of my past blogging I mentioned I was an artist. In the last year or so it's been hard to say that. Everything was in my head, but I wasn't making time to DO it. I feel like I lost touch with that part of me and I can't take it anymore!!!!! Ahh, I feel better...

So now I'm making one of my quilted bags for a friend who's paying me. I also have a couple of other quilts in the works too. One will require lots of game pieces, so I've been scouring antique stores for old poker chips, dice and other little dodads.

Hey, more news on the Big Lebowsky! I recently watched one of the only shows on the idiot box worth watching- Ace of Cakes (my favorite!!) Duff and the gang made a giant 'Severed Little Toe' cake for a Big Lebowsky convention in Louisville.
It was gruesomely cool! I want a job at that company: just pure silliness!

Keep your little toes safe this winter kids!