Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Itchy-scratchy show

Summer flew by with lots of flower planting, porch painting, and house insulating getting done. I love summer, even all the bugs.

I've now gone into my fall "SAD" depression! I know what's coming- I dread & despise winter and it's dark cold pit of death. Gray skys for weeks on end, snow, ice. Ugh.

My life-sized Rainbow trout is being machine quilted. Can't wait to see it on a wall.

Other pieces I worked on this summer - a baby quilt for my sister's co-worker, finished hand-quilting a small log cabin & applique piece, painting on a another large wall piece- all illustrated. Lately I've been working on scrap piecing for a big quilt- part illustrated and part crazy patch-work, with lots of little things sewn on too. The patch-work colors are keeping me happy as I sew each night after my day job.

We are dealing with a minor flea invasion. My doggy & kitty are doing the itchy-scratchy dance, but we're getting the little buggers under control.

phrase of the day: "sketch everything & keep your curiosity fresh"
- John Singer Sargent

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~Namaste- Betsy