Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joseph's Coat

Summer is bringing out all the beautiful flowers in my yard and sending the bees, birds and butterflies into a feeding frenzy, and lavender sends out it's relaxing fragrance as I cut flowers each day.  Joseph's Coat is of one of my latest editions to my rose collection.  The picture doesn't come close to bringing out all the colors of this stunning beauty! It's a blaze of pinks, orange, yellow, and somewhere in between, depending on which flower you look at.  It's entangling itself with a medium purple clematis in my front garden and looks gorgeous.  I never thought I'd fall for roses this much, but they are enchanting, despite the thorns and a little extra care.  Like anything worth loving, you learn to appreciate even the difficult parts!


My main machine was in the shop for several weeks, for a much needed tune-up, so I got acquainted with my little turquoise 1960's Good Housekeeper machine.  It did really well for all I put it through each night, and despite a few tension & thread hang-ups, I'm pleased with it's performance.   The top is coming along, and I added glow-in-the-dark thread to several parts.  Neato!  My childish side is always thrilled with little bits of surprise here & there!

Take time to touch the Earth today!