Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fish Lips

I was a lazy blogger this last month - NO posts!

I'm living like a gypsy these days, staying at three places in three different towns, so I can't always get to a computer. Sometimes it's fun to move around so much, but I do get tired of living out of a suitcase at times. Samantha is happy as long as she has food, a bed, and daily walks. Wish I was that easily pleased all the time! I do watch the sunrise each morning to get my lithium "fix" though. I once read something about people in ancient civilizations used to do that to feel happy. What if we could get as many people as possible to do that each day around the world? Would we begin to see more PEACE on Earth, and less warfare?

I have been busy with my artwork though; painting on one art quilt, hand-quilting on another, and assembling the pieces on a third, which is in the photo above - a rainbow trout-ish fish.

I found out this last week I've been accepted into a big show at the Frankfort Library, in Frankfort, In. It's their annual Christmas show, and is an opportunity to sell my work as well as raise money for the library. (Always a worthy cause) Cross your fingers that they sell! I'll put two quilts in; Sugar Daddy and Spring Beauties. Both are illustrated, hand-painted pieces with birds as the subject. I also just sold a few pieces I have at a gallery in Lafayette, Susie Gibbs. One small step at a time!

I will also be displaying my quilts for the month of December, at the Eagle Creek Coffee Company in Zionsville, In. Come by for coffee and a biscotti and enjoy the rotating gallery of artwork they have. Zionsville is an upscale funky little town now: when I lived there in the 80's it was a 'snoozer' town.

This week I ate lunch with my friends Kim and Barb at The Abbey, in Indy. It's a favorite place to go because they have LOTS of vegan and vegetarian delights on the menu! Also great coffee and desserts. I dream about their carrot cake! It's not vegan, but worth the splurge now & then. It's one of the best, if not the best I've ever had, and they serve you a HUGE piece! I can't eat it all by myself, which is saying a lot if you know what a dessert-addict I am!

Eat your veggies!
Peace, Betsy