Sunday, March 28, 2010

Newest piece

This a fairly large piece -5' x 6', based on a sketch I did a few years ago, and then it turned into a large drawing. I am putting the background together now, after a few weeks spent making patchwork for the letters. I hope to have it done by September, for a show I'm scheduled to have of my work. I've got to push myself hard this summer, and finish two other pieces also! If only my day-job didn't get in the way!

Oh happy day! The Sun is shining more, daffodils are starting to bloom, and the birds are singing again!

Question of the day: If you had to leave Earth forever to live on another planet, what memories about our home-sphere would you want to remember?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Run screaming into the void!

That is my plan if I don't see the sun and green grass very soon!

Lots of sewing has been getting me through long nights but I'm getting restless to be outside and touch the earth again!

I've finally getting my website up & running this year. Thanks Ted!!!

There's still a bunch to do on it, but the first page is partially up.
Here's the link:

I have a show coming up later this year, so I'm pushing to finish several large quilts. I really miss all the time I had off with my last job!

I bought a back-up sewing machine last week- a "Good Housekeeper"- from the 60's?/70's. It sews beautifully, I can quilt on it, and it's turquoise!

Well time to make the doughnuts........ Vegan of course!