Friday, January 18, 2008

New Friends

Hey it's time for my once a month post again! Whoopeeee...I'm sure the two people who happen
to stumble on my blog now & then are thrilled.

In the past month I've had the pleasure of meeting some truely wonderful and loving people.
They have helped with so many parts of our life- moving us out of our home so it could be
renovated, boarding our pets, giving us a place to stay, donating time & materials for the renovation and now helping get our belongings back in again. As we have worked along with them, their kindness and love has helped lighten our spirits and hearts, and we will be forever grateful for all their help!

We are staying with a terrific couple- Shawn & Lisa, and I've had fun teaching Lisa how to make
a quilt. (for Shawn) We have had such a fun time with them, and they've made us feel so loved
and welcome in their beautiful home!

Not much time for art lately. Started a new job, and I've been studying for a test I need to take
to do the job! So much to learn in a very short time- the last time took a test more involved than
a driver's license, I was in graduate school! 1992....I miss those school days. I feel ancient now,
but life goes on, and brain cells can be re-trained so I'm giving it a try.

As I look at my posts, I see I REALLY know nothing about typing- i.e. my wacko sentence
widths. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know! Is this a blog thing, or just me?

I'm off to teach more quilting- which I'm much better at than typing!

Peace, Betsy