Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog days

My Sammy girl, pretty as ever, will be 13 soon.  She loves the warm weather for her arthritis but not so much for how hot she can get.  Her favorite place is the cold tile floor in our kitchen this time of year.

Her allergies have been mild so far this summer, maybe because I switched her food to Wellness Senior which she loves.

Miss P. enjoys laying under the ceiling fans doing kitty yoga's version of the 'Corpse Pose', but is still camera shy.

In between gardening and house chores....Almost done with another bag- I think I'll keep this one since it's about birds; another of my favorite subjects. It's big enough to hold sketch books and pens.
Dyed corduroy, with blue feather fabric inside, machine quilted with a favorite quote on the back: "It is good to love the Unknown"- Charles Lamb

Enjoy the lovely birdsongs and flowers everywhere.  Namaste!

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